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Splash Cash Version History

Version 1.0 - 13/08/99 - This is the first version of splash cash.
Version 1.01 - 18/08/99 - Fixed a bug which gave a "File Not Found" error during the game. Also decreased the size of the graphics, meaning the game should play better on slower machines.
Version 1.02 - 22/08/99 - Fixed bug which gave a "File Not Found" error before the game even had chance to start if it wasnt installed in the directory "C:\POWERMAC". There will now be no problems relating to actually running the game. You can install the game wherever you like!
Version 1.03 - 06/09/99 - Improved some features to pay more realisticly, meaning the game should play better. Skill Nudges and Pseudo Nudges look much better. Money Belt redesigned, much more realistic.
Version 1.04 - 12/09/99 - Fixed cancel button for some bonuses, If you get a repeat from jackpot a credit is taken from you, You can now only get holds after nudges when it actually holds, Fixed a bug with the Repeat Chances - if Splash Cash was real this would have been an emptier!
Version 1.05 - 06/10/99 - Fixed "Selector" and "Trail Climber" bonuses (they sometimes locked up), Changed some of the graphics, other small bugs have been fixed, Also fixed "trail skill" where the sound sometimes went wrong and the buttons now work when you press the mouse button down - instead of when you let go of it.
Version 1.06 - 17/10/99 - Fixed bug which crashed the game when bringing in a win on nudges. Also fixed the bug which allowed you to get the jackpot on the feature board every time!, and finally changed the way in which the game uses sound - which means a few of the problems associated with sound have also been fixed....

Version 1.07 - 18/11/99 - Fixed bug in "Deep Water" which sometimes let you off when landing on a bad square

Version 1.08 - 23/01/00 - Updated Splash Cash to give it the same stability as Encrypted. Changed the way the program uses the buttons (start, hold etc.), which means the correct buttons are always activated at the correct time! Added music to some features. Other minor updates.

Version 1.09 - 27/05/00 - Reduce game file size (and efficiency) by 0.5MB. Fixed bug in Trail Climber. Minor feature updates.

Version 1.2 - 01/06/01 - Reels now spin properly, added gameplay, fixed bug with bonus, fixed bug with nudges, added intelligent hold buttons, added bonus wins.

Version 2 - 01/03/2003 - Fixed Reels (numbers no longer disappear!), added extra exchange effects, game now plays in any screen resolution, smoother gameplay, realistic LCD display added, exchanging from a win no longer starts you at the beggining of the trail, Money Belt now perfect, now has single collect button on feature board, general improvements to bring Splash Cash up-to-date - extensive testing has now found zero bugs in Splash Cash!

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