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Fruit Machine Game

The No1 Fruit Machine Simulator on the PC! Splash Cash is the first Fruit Machine simulator in the series. As its name suggests it is based on a water theme, with great graphics, Sound effects and buckets of playability.

Work your way up the trail or win on the reels to enter the feature game. Once on the feature play around the board, get to the end and you will be awarded with a jackpot repeater! But beware, along the way you could face some water hazards which may bring your trip around the board to a deadly end...

Important: No money can be lost or won on this game, it is purely for entertainment purposes. Any cash awards mentioned are all virtual, not real.

Fruit Machine Board

Fruit Machine bottom glass

The main feature of this game is the 3 reels, each of which has 16 positions - much like a normal fruit machine. To win you need to match 3 symbols. This can be achieved using extra features such as nudges and holds. Throughout the game you will be awarded nudges at random, which allow you to step down the reels for a greater chance of obtaining a 3-of-a-kind win. Once a win is achieved you are entered onto the feature game, which is explained later.

Trail Holds
Nudges (1 to 5)
Bonus at 4
Hold 3 Times For A Win
Holds After Nudges
Cancel Slows Down Some Bonuses

When you reach number 4 on the number trail a Bonus is activated. These consist of:

Feature Name Description
Bonus Numbers Your current trail position is increased.
Trail Skill The trail lights scroll up and down, stop them on the start position.
Selector A random pattern of trail amounts are lit up, select the best one!
Respin The Reels are re-spinned, any numbers are added to the trail.
Nudges You are awarded a random amount of nudges.
Trail Climber Starting at position one on the trail, 2 steps at a time will begin to flash. Stop them when they are alight to begin the same process on the next 2 numbers. Climb to the top to start the feature game!

When you get a win you are taken onto the cashladder on the feature board. You can then gamble higher and lower (1 to 6) or Exchange onto the feature game. When the number trail is full you are taken straight onto the Encrypted feature. When registered, you can view the current percentage payout using the option of the "Game" menu. When the dialogue box opens you can see information such as:

You also have the option of resetting the percentage to 80%

Registered users can also view a reel guide, which will indicate to you the exact postion of the reels. This can be extremely useful when you have nudges, which can be given randomly throughout the game - with the option of Skill nudges!

Fruit Machine features

Fruit Machine top glass

The feature board becomes active when you have a full trail on the main board, or when you gamble on the cash ladder and then exchange.

The feature board consists of a 43 square trail, work you way to the top to win the ultimate prize! Movement around the trail is achieved by pressing the start button, which will in turn spin the number reel, you will the move the corresponding number of positions up the trail! You may be offered features games, cash, nudges or shots as you make your way up the trail, beware of the Question Marks - they may end your journey early..

When the top logo turns RED, you become invincible - you cannot lose! You can gamble lower than 2's and higher than 5's, and the "?" squares on the feature become True Skill - select what you want!

The Features on this game are as follows:
Feature Name Description
Seven Spinner The player will be returned to the main board where a winning combination of Sevens will be spun onto the reels.
Cash Shot The 1st win on the cashladder begins to flash, you must hit it when it is let to advance to the next prize up. You have 3 chances to light each cash amount, and as you win more the feature will become more difficult as the flashing light will become faster!
Fast Cash The cash amounts on the feature board will light up one by one and randomly. It is up to the player to try and stop the light on the best possible win.
Cash Ladder Repeat You are awarded the current level of cash displayed on the cashladder, and when paid to the bank you have the chance to win it again!
All or Nothing A flashing light alternates between the Jackpot and a 1. Press stop, and you may win the Jackpot, or you may have a pound!
Money Belt 3 cash amounts will be scrolled across the alphanumeric display, it is up to the player to stop them on what they believe to be the best combination.
Jackpot Dash The centre cashladder will light up between 1 and the jackpot very quickly, you must press stop when the Jackpot is alight. If successful you will be awarded the Jackpot, otherwise you win nothing!
Cash Stopper The lights on the cashladder flash randomly, press stop to select a win!
Cash Dash Cash amounts are displayed very fast on the alphanumeric display, you must try to stop it on the best win!
Reel Skill The player is returned to the main board. The 1st reel will begin revolving at a fast rate. The player must stop the reel on the best possible position. The 3rd reel will then begin to spin at a slower rate, the player must try to match this reel with the symbol stopped on the 1st reel. If successful the 2nd reel will match the other 2 reels and the appropriate win will be awarded.
Pick a Win The player is returned to the main board where a series of winning combinations are spun in, the player must select what they believe to be the best combination.
Win Spins The player is returned to the main board where a random amount winning spins are given on the reels.
Super money Belt 3 Cash amounts, all above 1, are scrolled accross the alphanumeric display, the player must stop them on what they believe to be the best possible combination.
Lets Spin The player is returned to the main board. The reels line-up and begin to revolve in sequence. The player must try and stop the reels on the best possible win.
Win Streak The player is returned to the main board, where a winning combination is spun in on the reels. A repeat chance is offered, and if successful another winning combination is spun in and added to the bank!
Super Repeater The top 3 wins will begin to flash, you must press stop to be awarded one of the wins. When the win is paid to the bank you are awarded with a repeat chance!
Jackpot Repeater The player is awarded the top prize (15), with the chance of a repeat.

You can also collect from these feature ladders at any point during the game!

Features (listed above)
Cash (1 to 15)
Shots (1 to 9)

When you collect one of these ladders you are given the opportunity to Turbo Gamble, to get a bigger prize!

When you land on a question mark, another set of features are activated. Some of them will help you, others will kill you!
Feature Name Description
Game Over Thrown off the board
Boost The dice will spin and you will move the correct amount of places up the board.
Thin Ice Will you slip through the ice? "Yes" and "No" will flash alternately, you must press stop on "Yes" to continue!
Life Jacket You have an extra life..
Evaporated Back to the reels!

This screen allows you to view all of the internal fruit machine meters, below is a table detailing what meters are available and what they all mean!

Registered users of the game have the option to reset the meters back to their default values.

The target percentage is set to 80% by default and cannot be altered.

Feature Name Description
Money In Shows the amount of money the machine has taken.
Money Out Shows the amount of money the machine has paid out.
Current Percentage Shows the % of money paid out compared to money taken in.
Target Percentage Shows the ratio of money in to money paid out which the machine is trying to reach.
Hopper Displays the amount of virtual money on the Hopper
Cash Box Displays the virtual amount of cash that has fallen into the machines cash box
Last Win Displays the last win collected
Drift Displays the amount of cash the machine can realistically pay out to keep its percentage, or indeed how much it has to save to get back to its target percentage!
Streak Pot This meter shows how much money the machine has saved towards giving a series of Jackpots.
Diff. Displays the difference between the actual percentage and the target percentage

Fruit Machine info

The options can be accessed using the drop down menu. Below is a list of the various elements of the game which can be altered.

Reel Speed - This can be set to either Fast, Slow, or Random. You can experiment with this option to find the optimum speed level for your computer.

Sound - This can be turned on or off.

Display Colour - Here you have a choice of six colours to use on the simulated LED displays.

Flashing Logo - Basically this allows you to turn this feature on or off. If you have a slower PC, then it is recomended that this option is set to off.

All of the above settings will be saved, and remembered next time you start the game.

How to buy a fruit machine

Registration of Splash Cash cost's 4.99 UK Pounds.

When you register you will receive these benefits:

No Nag Screens
No restrictions on the features you can take
You will be able to view the reel guide
Percentage control procedures will be activated
Ability to monitor game statistics
The invincible mode will be allowed to function
You will be able to transfer money from the bank to your credits